DKV Seguros Renta

Product sick days and hospital per diem allowances for illness and / or accident and
Once payment for surgery.
First Sickness allowance (KT) for temporary disability (AU) due to illness and / or accident.
2nd Hospital Cash (KHT).
Third Once payment after surgery.

a) waiting period
b) variable waiting period
c) progressive

First Sickness allowance
AU because of illness or accident at the chosen scope of coverage under a daily allowance is paid.
There are five periods of coverage that can be completed separately:
Period 1: Performance 1 to 30 Day of AU
Period 2: 31st performance to 90 Day of AU
Period 3: Output 91st Day until the end of the first Year of AU
Period 4: Performance at the end of the first Year until the expiry of 1.5 years
Period 5: Performance at the end of 1.5 years, max. 2 years
The CT can be used for prolonged reproduction AU by factors of up to 4 times the amount
be increased (progressivity).
Cover concepts first Sickness allowance (KT)
2nd Hospital cash benefits (KHT)
Third Lump sum payments (SR)
It can be used to determine whether insurance coverage for sickness, accident only, or both is required.

Second Daily hospital cash benefits
In case of illness or accident for each day of hospital stay, one KHT is paid, max. 365 days.

Third Lump sum payments
A lump-sum payment (after surgery) according to the table in the General Terms and Conditions, the amount depending on the type of surgery, possibility of the agreement up to 100 times the amount of disposable.Insurance period until the maximum age of 70 extras DKV Health advice (Línea Médica); laser surgery for nearsightedness, Medically assisted procreation; medical second opinion internationally, smoking cessation, annual health checkup, Professional Services;! “Viva la salud” Repair and maintenance services, program four categories of professional wage S: highly qualified professionals (doctors, lawyers, architects and Ltde employees.).
Tariff A: professions without manual activities (administration, computer science, teacher).
Tariff B: Occupations with manual operations (traders, agents, waiters, domestic servants, etc.).
Tariff C: Occupations with manual and mechanical work (artisans, mechanics, farmers, etc.).

Occupational accident risk
– No waiting time
– * 2 months waiting period
– * 2 months waiting period
– * 2 months waiting period
* The waiting times are eliminated in case of accident.
Admission age from 16 to 65 years

Waiting period
Performance Start
0, 3, 7, 10, 15 or 30 days
(1st, 4th, 8th, 11th, 16th or 31st day)

Post Example
0 3 7 15 30
AGE 40 14.01 13.10 12.15 11.55 10.78
AGE 50 18.47 17.54 16.54 15.89 15.01
Illness and accident. Duration: 1 year. Without progressiveness. Contributions per insured person in EUR for 1 EUR KT (annual fee).
A professional group in EUR
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