DKV Dentisalud

What you really need, always covered.

Diagnosis unit

Preventative: application of gel, fluoride, dental cleans, sealers.
Conservative: fillings, endodontics, …
Medical: periodontics (currettage, hygiene, check-ups)
Surgical: extractions
Fitting odontological prostheses. (Fixed and removable).
Orthodontics. Study, diagnosis and fitting of accessories
for children and adults.
Dental aesthetics. Whitening, ceramic caps,…
Titanium implants
Full coverage in the event of a serious dental accident:
If it affects more than three dental pieces, we refund the cost of the treatment (maximum 6.000 EUR).

Easy to use
On contracting:
Without a health declaration, limits or differences for age.
When you use it:
> Select your dentist from the directory and make an appointment directly. Consult our new Dental Spaces in the web!
> Identify yourself with your DKV Dentisalud card
> We will give you a quote for the dental treatment and answer any questions.

Kids free
Children up to 14 get a free policy when they take it out at the same time as an adult.


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