Dentisalud Plus

Odontological treatment through doctors and hospitals included in the medical directory of medical experts. Individual combinations possible. DKV DENTISALUD is offered in two modalities, which differ in the additional payment
DKV DENTISALUD CLASSIC: Small contribution for the insured person
DKV DENTISALUD ÉLITE: Small additional payment for the insured person


1. From the associated list of medical experts: Entitlement to different benefits via payment of preset excess.
2. Non-associated centres: Exclusive coverage of any odontological damage in case of a serious dental accident (affecting more than three teeth).


1. Basic coverage within the Medical Directory:
Using the table of coverage the following dental treatments are covered:
> Diagnosis: consultation/ estimate of costs, plan of treatment, check up (2nd medical opinion).
> Odontology: preventive check up, preserving dentistry, medical dentistry, surgical procedures, constructive root canal treatment, neck of tooth treatment, neurological pathology.
> Dental prostheses: fixed, removable, partially-removable (acrylic, metallic, cast), occlusion, repairs.
> Orthodontics.
– Fixed maxillary, Removable bridge, Stabilising apparatus, Space keepers.
– Dental aesthetics: dental bleaching, porcelain caps.
– Implantology

2. Coverage of dental accidents treated in non-associated centres:
In the event of a serious dental accident (affecting more than three teeth), DKV Seguros reimburses the costs, up to a maximum of 6.000 EUR and with a free choice of dentists or centres (external means), without any retention.


Description DKV Dentisalud 2014