DKV Residentes

Specifically for foreign residents in Spain. Guarantees quality
health care to older people. This is a medical care service in
Germany provided by prestigious specialists for specific serious
illnesses.DKV organises appointments, hospitalisation and
surgery in a maximum of five days if medical reports are written
in German or English.It also includes compensation of 500 € and
another 500 € in the event of non-fulfilment of this term.


Contracting options

The flexibility of the product permits you to choose between three application options:

Basic coverage

  • Health care in Spain: reimbursement of 100% for non-associated centres and use of associated centres.
  • Medication: 300 €/year.
  • Auxiliary means: 1,800 €/year.
  • Dental service: Available in associated centres with a payment system. In non-associated centres: Reimbursement 80% (3,000 €/year certified centres + non-associated centres).

Basic coverage + repatriation

This also includes, in the event of the decease of the insured person, transfer to the international
airport nearest to the place of burial place in Germany (maximum of 6,000 €).

Basic coverage + repatriation + Best care

The Best Care service guarantees medical care in Germany by prestigious specialists for
the diagnosis of certain serious illnesses. Including 100 days/year of coverage in Germany.