basic plus (modell 21)

The health insurance that offers you a full coverage in Spain and Germany as well as a free choice of doctor and hospital. DKV Residentes is a mixed product which means that it includes all kinds of health care provided by the members of our medical directory of medical experts (principle of benefit in kind). Moreover, DKV Residentes offers you the possibility of choosing doctors and hospitals freely (principle of reimbursement). Unlike typical Spanish products, medicines, aids, dentures and others are also included up to certain limits.


1. Using the associated list of medical experts: Principle of benefit in kind 100 %
2. Free choice of doctor or hospital both in Spain (Modules 20 + 21) and in Germany (Module 22):
Principle of reimbursement 100%
3. There are 3 insurable modules:
> Module 20: Basic coverage
> Module 21: Basic coverage + Repatriation
> Module 22: Basic coverage + Repatriation + Coverage in Germany of 100 days + Best Care

Description DKV Residentes 2014