DKV Integral

With DKV Integral you decide which doctor to go to and which centre to visit from the DKV network of associated doctors and centres. Your DKV Integral policy covers all of these, without limits for expenses. Moreover, you can enjoy our travel assistance abroad, at no extra cost, in the event of an emergency.

Primary Care

The module of primary care includes the following:

  • 24 hour Emergency care at home and in a hospital.
  • Basic annual medical check-up.
  • Analysis and conventional X-rays.
  • Ambulances.
  • Paediatrics and childcare.
  • General medicine.
  • Nursing Service (state registered nurse).

Specialists and complementary means of diagnosis

The guidance of a specialist doctor equipped with the latest, technical complementary means of diagnosis is the authentic key to health.To be able to go to a good specialist and have an illness diagnosed on time is something of the highest priority and having a private health insurance like DKV Integral will represent a saving of time and a guarantee.This module covers the most common consultation specialities, with which we are all familiar, such as gynaecology, cardiology, traumatology, etc.


Covers the expenses arising from a stay in a hospital, including the use of a standard individual room with toilet and bed for the accompanying person (except in the case of psychiatric hospitalisation, intensive care unit or incubator), the maintenance of the patient, general nursing expenses, special care unit, complementary means of diagnosis, treatments, surgical expenses, anaesthetic products, medication and delivery room.

Worldwide emergency care

Our health policies include Worldwide Emergency Care in the event of an emergency (for stays of up to 60 consecutive days per trip or journey), which includes:

  • Transfer and repatriation of the injured and sick.
  • The repatriation of the insured person.
  • Premature return of the insured person because of a relative’s death.
  • Premature return of the insured person because of fire or catastrophe in their home.
  • Return ticket and hotel expenses for a relative.
  • Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical expenses and those of hospitalisation (up to 6,100 EUR).
  • Emergency dental expenses (up to 120 EUR).
  • Expenses due to an extended stay in a hotel.
  • Shipment of medication.
  • Telephone medical consultations.
  • Repatriation of the deceased and of the accompanying insured persons.
  • Companion in the event of death.